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Some parameters make any city or area, the popular holiday destination. Those factors are;

  • If the city or area is near to any beach, which has clean water, then it is highly be acclaimed as a holiday destination
  • Additional attractions like theme parks, adventure park or wild park, gives an edge to any beach city, to become the holiday destination
  • Availability of good accommodation options like hotel, apartments or condo. Not only accommodation but they are equipped with all the amenities and facilities
  • Easy access for people and availability of all other necessities 
  • Above all, the right weather, so that people can enjoy their stay and have the best of nature. 

Usually, any area which fulfils all these parameters will become the popular holiday destination. As people prefer to spend time in such places, which seems welcoming and keep them engaged for a few days. These places must be felt like a dreamy getaway. In Australia, luckily, we have such a place that is also near to Melbourne, that place is Brighton.

Brighton has been a popular holiday destination and with time its popularity is on the rise. It is not only known for its beaches but also Brighton hotels in melbourne. Some other key factors make Brighton an ideal holiday destination.

  • Proximity: The prime reason for the popularity of Brighton, is its ideal proximity. It is just half an hour drive away from Melbourne. This means it can be a great weekend getaway. That’s why the weekend is jam-packed in Brighton. If you are living in Melbourne, you don’t have to plan to visits Brighton. You can just make your mind an hour before on Friday and leave for there, the short drive will make your journey comfortable. It will just feel like going shopping but also staying there.  
  • Splendid Beaches: Isn’t it perfect? That you live in a metropolitan city like Melbourne, but can spend your weekends on Brighton beaches. Brighton is known for its beautiful beaches and you can enjoy the sunset while walking along with them 
  • Best hotels: Brighton Hotels, this is also one of the reason people loves Brighton The Brighton contains nearly all the best hotels brands. The hotels are saturated near the bayside, this is also convenient for people as they can find the right accommodation near the beach. These hotels offer top class accommodation and amenities. You can enjoy regional and continental food. Hotels have bars and clubs so that you don’t miss your nightlife there. Brighton hotels are the prime reason that people prefer Brighton over other destinations. Due to the wide availability of hotel chains, the advantage fells into customer basket, that they can get better rates.