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Pros And Cons Of Timber Benchtops

Benchtops are part of households from centuries. Usually, we see benchtops in the kitchen that helps to perform our daily tasks. But now the sizes of the house have changed and due to modern interiors, the benchtops can be seen in multiple parts of the house. Still, the benchtops are mandatory for the kitchen. There are different types of materials used to make benchtops. The benchtops can be made from wood, metal or even plastic. But still, the timber benchtops are in common use. The timber benchtops can be said as the traditional choice for benchtops. In past, the only material for a benchtop is timber and still, they are widely in use. Looking at the advantages of timber benchtops, it still seems to be the right choice. But like all other materials, the timber benchtops also have their disadvantages.



The appearance of timber is matchless. No other material can provide such texture, colour and natural look as timber. The timber benchtops become the centre of attraction regardless of its placement. Even in bathroom vanities, kitchen or centre of the room. The timber benchtop adds an exclusive look to the area. The good thing is that wherever it will be installed, it will just fit in effortlessly. The timber benchtops are ideal of traditional or modern interiors.


The timber benchtops in sydney nearly have limitless varieties. The timber benchtops can have diverse textures, various colours and shade. This versatility in the timber benchtop makes them ideal for every type of interiors. Due to this diversity in the timber variety, they are even used as a decoration piece. There will be many parts in the building that doesn’t add in functionality but are installed with timber benchtops, just to enhance their look. People also use them in bathroom vanities which are made for the decoration of the bathroom. No other material like metal or plastic can offer such natural diversity and appeal.


The reason for preferring timber benchtop is its durability and longevity. The timber benchtops can even last decades and they need minimal maintenance. But few precautions need to be taken to preserve the longevity of the timber benchtops like preventing from water and stains. That can reduce the life of timber benchtops.



When you will be working with timber benchtop then you need to deal with scratches. Even the hard timber is prone to scratches. When they are installed in the kitchen and cutting is done on the benchtops, that will lead to scratches.

Prevention from water:

The timber has a natural tendency to absorb water, due to which it bulges or swell. That will ruin the appearance of the benchtops or will fade its colours. This is the reason that when timber benchtops are used in bathroom vanities, usually those vanities are not having any faucet or sink in it. For further details plz visit here